SeiduleLaw forces State to drop another case!

SeiduleLaw client K.M. got a great result from a bad situation.

After fighting with his family, the police responded and arrested K.M.  K.M. contacted SeiduleLaw days after the arrest.

After doing a thorough investigation, Nick took his findings to the State.  When facing those facts, the State dismissed all charges.

Another great result from your friends here at SeiduleLaw.

SeiduleLaw is growing!

Please join me in welcoming Katie James to the team!

Katie is a Certified Paralegal.

So, if you see a new face at SeiduleLaw, let Katie know that you are excited about her joining.

Katie will be working with medical records, as well as scheduling.

Katie has worked at two other firms handling personal injury matters over the past three years, so she brings a wealth of knowledge about the subject matter. In fact, one firm primarily represented insurance companies.  Therefore, she will bring a great perspective to our “Plaintiff’s only” practice.


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