Nick Seidule speaks to Central Florida Boy Scouts at Orange County Regional History Center

On the topic of Citizenship in the Community, Nick Seidule had a townhouse style talk Saturday, September 30th, with a large group of Central Florida Boy Scouts.  The topic discussed that our nation is a patchwork of communities that differ from one another and may be governed differently. And that regardless of how local communities differ, they all have one point in common: Good citizenship. In the United States, local government means self-government. Good citizens help to make decisions about their community through their elected local officials.

The questions were phenomenal.  Nick said “This is the brightest bunch of young men I have ever spoken to.  It fills me with optimism for the future of Central Florida.”

On behalf of SeiduleLaw we would like to thank the Orange County Regional History Center for inviting Nick to speak to such an inspirational group.  THANKS!